Other Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows Ceremony, Baby Naming, Commitment Ceremony

~ ~  Renewal of Vows: a Celebration of Marriage ~ ~  

Such ceremonies may be held to:

~ celebrate a significant anniversary and the growth of the relationship. These ceremonies allow a couple to reflect on their journey together and project how they wish their relationship to progress into the future. These ceremonies often have the children of the couple playing an active role throughout the celebration.
~ enable family & friends to affirm their love and support for their marriage – for example a couple who were married overseas in the home country of one partner may hold a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony to allow the other partner’s family to share in their joy and publicly offer their support.
~ acknowledge passing through a time of trial and challenge with the ceremony allowing them to publicly declare their intention to move forward together as a couple, strengthened by the challenges they have overcome and supported by close family and friends.  Such ceremonies are inevitably a very moving experience for all.

These Ceremonies of Celebration usually have a format similar to a wedding ceremony, without the legal elements, or can be uniquely crafted in a structure chosen by the couple with my guidance and support if needed.

A Commemorative Certificate is presented to the couple as a part of the ceremony.

~ ~ ~ A baby naming or baby blessing ceremony ~ ~ ~

~ a joyous way to welcome your new baby into your family.

Many parents who hold no particular religious beliefs, choose to have a Name Giving Ceremony or Welcoming Ceremony for their child to both introduce their child to family and friends and ceremonially bestow a name upon the child.

Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies are a very important part of family celebrations and are delightful occasions for family and close friends. It is at such a ceremony that a public declaration of the child’s god/guide-parents, name-parents or guardians can be publicly recognized and celebrated. Usually they take a special role in the ceremony.

Some children are named shortly after birth, although the first birthday or another birth anniversary are also popular times for such a ceremony. Sometimes, other children in the family may have their name ceremoniously bestowed upon them at the same time, if they were not given such a ceremony when younger.

The age of the child or person being named is not critical, and an adult can also be named. This may occur of an adult decides to legally change his or her name and wishes to publicly announce the change.

A Commemorative Certificate is presented to the child’s parents or person involved as a part of the ceremony.  Certificates can be arranged for other significant participants in the ceremony.

Montville and Maleny are family friendly communities and offer superb locations for baby blessing celebrations.

~ ~ ~ Commitment Ceremonies ~ ~ ~

These are very similar to marriage ceremonies without the legal elements and are often chosen by people for whom marriage is not desired or not a legal option – for example same-sex couples or couples where at least one is not free to marry, but are still in a legal relationship.

Commitment ceremonies, whilst not legally binding, are nevertheless still a profoundly moving experience for the couple involved as well as for their guests.  It is no small thing to publicly declare your love for another as you commit to spending all of your lives together as a couple.

Couples choosing a Commitment Ceremony  receive the same high level of professional service and personalised care as those wishing for a Marriage Ceremony.  If you are considering this option, please look through the information given for weddings.

I perform Commitment Ceremonies at the beach, in parks and gardens, at reception centres and art galleries and in family homes – each one being special in its own right.

I believe that your ceremony should be unique to you as a couple and so I will take the time to get to know you and something of your personal journey – how you came to be at this point when you know that your lives must continue together. This story is then woven into your ceremony in a way that suits your desires and reflects your chosen style for the day.

A Commemorative Certificate is presented to the couple as a part of the ceremony.

A wedding, commitment, baby blessing – in fact, any ceremony – can be enhanced by the inclusion of additional, meaningful ritual elements.

Your ceremony itself is a ritual that has developed over time across many different cultures and continues to evolve as couples seek to combine the traditional with the personal.

As a professional marriage and family celebrant, I have  wide ranging experience of including ritual and symbolism into marriage and other ceremonies.  The ritual or symbol that you choose must resonate with each of you. Adding special symbolism to your ceremony allows for the expression of profound feelings – those that may be too deep to express in mere words – and can lift your ceremony to a deeper level of intimacy and meaningfulness as it reaches into the spirit or psyche of the participants and their guests.

These symbolic acts may be something that has been adapted from another culture or time or something created especially for your ceremony – whichever, the symbolism used can become an ongoing ritual within your family life and can be re-enacted on other special occasions.

Information supplied by Montville Maleny Flaxton Marriage Celebrant ~ Merlin Coughlan